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Student Success Story - Robyn

“I have a learning disability and some difficulties that come with it. I learned to never, ever let any of those difficulties get in the way of something I want to achieve.”

Certificate Program: Audio Production

Robyn Crane, Phoenix, AZ

Associates Degree

Empower Children to Achieve Their HOPES and DREAMS

HD Personalized Education and its educators are devoted to laying the foundation for life-long learning. Our collaborative approach helps students successfully navigate school journeys towards brighter futures.

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Sue Giannetti, M.Ed.


"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan,

but never the goal."


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Kathleen Harrington


"My passion to support students with learning challenges comes from my own experience as the mother of a child with dyslexia."

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Kathleen Harrington, Founder

Sue Giannetti, M.Ed.

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